G. Fedale believes in superior workmanship and attention to detail. That’s why our clients love our masonry work. We’re your first choice in masonry because of our wide range of resources and solutions for any area of your home.

We always provide workmanship warranties on the work we do. Our team is well-trained and experienced in masonry, and we continue to train them as needed. We ensure every person is qualified to do the work they provide to you and stand behind their workmanship. We meet all OSHA compliant requirements for every roof project.

Comprehensive Masonry Services Are Available

G. Fedale offers a number of masonry services for you. Whether you need chimney repointing or perhaps a new wall built, we can help you. Our services include:

  • Masonry or Stone Repointing: Chimney pointing, as well as other types of masonry pointing, is an important part of improving the aesthetics and overall condition of any surface.
  • Masonry and Stone Repair: Chips, cracks, and other damaged areas, including crumbing masonry work, needs to be repaired to ensure the integrity of the surface.
  • Masonry Cap and Crown Replacement: Damage to these areas looks bad, but is very common due to water damaged and normal wear and tear. Let us fix it for you. Our solutions work great and last forever.
  • Masonry Cap or Crown Repair: When repair is possible, we encourage it. This includes any type of surface. We use old world-style methods to ensure proper installation of materials.
  • Masonry Waterproofing: It is possible to waterproof virtually any masonry surface. Let us minimize damage and provide complete protection.
  • Chimney Flue Repair: Ensuring your chimney is properly able to allow smoke to leave is important, especially if you typically burn fires there.
  • Custom Chimney Flue Caps: We can design and install these for you as needed.
  • Standards Chimney Flue Caps: If yours is missing, damaged, or no longer reliable, allow us to replace the cap on the top of your chimney.
  • Chimney Rehabs: The chimney is a critical component to your home. That’s why we offer chimney pointing repair, chimney mortar repair, and additional solutions for even the most complex projects.
  • Stucco Repair: If you have a stucco chimney or stucco on any other area of your home, we can update and modernize it.
  • Stucco Replacement: We recommend replacing stucco if it is no longer remaining in place. We offer full stucco remediation services.
  • Chimney Joint Mortar: We create a custom mix of mortar designed for your task. This ensures the work looks good and remains in place properly.