Tired of cleaning the gutters? It’s not safe to climb on a ladder and dig into the gutters, but it is critical to ensure that rain can easily run through them. What options do you have?

While there are a number of types of gutter guards on the market, we recommend Leaf Relief. It is one of the most effective, longest-lasting solutions available. It’s more effective than other products, and that means less time you’ll spend cleaning gutters or replacing them.

At G. Fedale, we also recommend LeaFree™. It’s a sturdy aluminum gutter cover that’s designed specifically to keep debris, including leaves, out of your gutter. Whether you are installing new gutters or just want to stop the debris buildup, we can help you.

Leaf Relief

Why Is Leaf Relief The Most Effective Gutter Guard?

It can be challenging to choose from the various gutter systems on the market. However, Leaf Relief offers a number of benefits that help it to stand out.

First, it is highly hidden. This is one of the reasons, so many of our clients request it. Because it lays flat and fits so well into the top of the gutter, no one really sees it. The internal gutter system is designed to give you peace of mind while being aesthetically pleasing, too.

It also comes with a long-term, 25-year warranty. That’s not very common with these products, which means it’s well worth your investment.

Leaf Relief offers a number of accessories that can help to complete the look and function of the system. This includes gutters and gutter coil, pre-formed fascia options, and field-formed fascia and trim. It can look and function the way you want them to.

What Are the Benefits of Leaf Relief?

As noted, the 25-year no-clog, no-overflow warranty is industry-leading. It’s also one of the best solutions for those who do not want to do any type of maintenance. It keeps water moving without requiring any level of repair. The Aluma-Perf technology built into it helps to avoid any types of debris from entering the system.

We also like it because it fits most standard gutters with ease. If you are getting new gutters installed, we can add these, too. It offers a five-inch, six-inch, or an adjustable product.

It’s also designed to keep pests out. The Leaf Relief gutter guard is completely pest resistant and weather resistant. That means you don’t have to worry about pest infestation.

This gutter relief system is also good because it doesn’t become discolored over time like other products. Rather, it is resistant to UV light, mold, and mildew. It is going to look good even when it is taking a beating from the weather. The self-sealing fit helps to ensure it has this long-lasting ability.


How Does This LeaFree™ Gutter Guard Work?

LeaFree™ works very reliably. These rain gutter leaf guards allow water to enter into them easily, but they don’t let any debris to get into the gutters. This ensures that nothing clogs your gutters. At the same time, they are also attractive and designed to remain in place long term. That’s because they offer a custom fit to any home.

The installation protects the gutters. It screws into the gutter lip, not into the roof or fascia. Instead, each panel interlocks and slides under the first row of your shingles.

The design of the system allows it to handle even heavy rain without dislodging or falling off. Birds and pests cannot get into it either. This makes it an excellent, reliable solution for nearly any home.

Why We Recommend LeaFree™ Aluminum Gutter Guards

What we’ve found is that the LeaFree™ offers an all-encompassing good product. Here are some of the benefits of these leaf free gutter covers.

  • It’s easy to repair. If there is damage to it over time, you can fix the four-foot-long panels with ease. This may happen, for example, if a falling limb damages it.
  • It’s versatile. The LeaFree™ system works with any roof type or pitch. That makes it perfect for most needs.
  • Choose the color right for your gutters. There are 15 colors with an additional copper option to choose from to ensure a perfect match.

How much does LeaFree™ cost?  When it comes to leaf guard cost, this particular brand is highly durable. LeaFree™ is more affordable than other products because they are readily available, and there are not distributors that are upping the price like other products.