It’s critical to maintain your deck to preserve its lifespan and beauty. Most of the time, this means sealing the deck to lock out moisture and preserve the wood. It’s also important to remove debris, dirt, old stains, and coatings prior to this. Let our team do the work for you. G. Fedale provides comprehensive deck maintenance and repair services, minimizing the amount of work you need to do.

Our Deck Maintenance Process

When the wood on your deck is exposed to moisture and sun on a consistent basis, it will begin to degrade. This causes a graying color, and, over time, it can create areas that cup, warp, and split. This type of damage is hard to repair, and it can create significant damage to the surface of the deck and its structural integrity. To avoid that, it’s essential to maintain it on a yearly basis. We can help you with that process.

First, we need to determine what your deck needs. If it has been sealed before, we will test the wood to determine whether the seal remains intact or if it needs to be resealed. You can perform a basic test at home, too. If the wood absorbs water – rather than beads of water forming on the surface – it’s time to reseal it.

Our team works through several steps to complete the deck maintenance process. Though it is customized to fit your needs, it generally follows a few specific steps to ensure the best possible finish.

#1: Strip the Deck

Before we can seal the deck, we first need to remove all of the material on the deck. Previous sealants will make it nearly impossible for the new product to adhere to. We’ll strip the entire deck of all sealant that’s leftover from previous amounts. This helps ensure the old is gone so the new can adhere properly.

#2: Clean the Deck

Our team will then clean the deck. This type of deep-down deck maintenance helps to remove all debris and dirt from the surface. Again, we want to do this to allow the new sealant to adhere properly. We use appropriate materials to clean this surface.

#3: Seal the Deck

We use the right type of product for your needs. We’ll ask you about your goals, too. Whether you want an opaque deck stain, a wood-toned color, or a semi-transparent stain, we can apply the proper stain product to all surfaces. Keep in mind that our team recommends the use of opaque deck stain whenever the wood is old or weathered to cover up other imperfections.

Ready to Get Started?

For all of your deck maintenance needs, call G. Fedale Roofing & Siding for an estimate.