Is it time your home had a tune-up? 


Every component of your home needs routine maintenance. G. Fedale offers a tune-up service that can help with any area desired. Let our team come out to provide a comprehensive inspection and make repairs to keep your home in good condition.

Keep in mind that there are other specifications for each of these offers below. Please contact our team for more details or schedule your roof tune-up with us.

Our Tune-Up Services

We make it easy for you to get the help you need. We offer four kinds of tune-up:

  • Gutter tune-up
  • Shingle roof tune-up
  • Flat roof tune-up
  • Siding tune-up

We diagnose your roofing, siding, or gutter problems and then review this with you. In most cases, we can fix the problems that day. If the problems are more extensive, we’ll provide you with the solutions available. There’s no obligation to use us for these services. Roof tune-up costs can vary.

What is a Gutter Tune-Up?

  • Clean up to 100 linear feet of gutters inside and out
  • Caulk and seal gutters at two locations, end caps, outlets, and miter joints
  • Tighten gutters and downspouts using current fasteners
  • Test for proper water flow
  • Visually inspect ground drainage
  • Visually inspect the gutters

This service does not include the removal of gutter guard products and does not include dislodging or cleaning debris from downspouts.

What Is a Shingle Roof Tune-Up?

  • Reattach up to three loose or dislodged shingles
  • Caulk and seal vents, flashing, and any exposed nail holes
  • Tighten any loose shingles
  • Reattach a loose ridge vent or any shingle cap
  • Visually inspect the roof

The focus is on shingles, or shingle tabs. The service is available only for asphalt shingle roofs on residential properties. We will match replacement shingles as closely as possible, but this does not include special order shingles. Consider a roof check-up for all properties.

What Is a Flat Roof Tune-Up?

  • Caulk and seal skylights, walls, and vents at two locations
  • Reseal metal flashings at two locations
  • Inspect chimney and reseal up to one flashing
  • Repair exposed nail heads
  • Patch broken seam or edge for up to three feet in one location
  • Repair penetration flashing at one spot
  • Inspect roof

The focus is on shingles, or shingle tabs. This service is available only for asphalt or Epsom flat roofs on residential properties.

What Is a Siding Tune-Up?

  • Caulk and seal wall flashings, penetrations, and vents
  • Temp-seal the cracks
  • Refasten dislodged vinyl siding or aluminum capping (two pieces)
  • Caulk window and door openings that are standard sizes
  • Refasten any trim nails
  • Visually inspect the property’s siding

This is only available on homes with a vinyl siding voucher with a standard size of no more than 100. Windows need to be ladder-accessible.

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