When a storm causes damage to your property, it’s essential to take a close look at it to ensure you are getting repairs as soon as possible. At G. Fedale, we encourage you not to wait to have repairs taken care of on your home. Storm damage repair is available from our team of experienced, trusted professionals.

Have You Been Hit By Mother Nature? We Provide Comprehensive Repairs

Do you have hail damage from a storm? Your siding or roofing may have pot marks on it from this. You may have siding that’s blown off the home entirely. Or, you could have shingles that are now missing. More elaborate problems can happen, too, such as a tree branch may have fallen, causing significant damage to the roof or side of your home. Leak damage is very common after a storm, too. Let our team handle it.

We’ll Work with Your Insurance Company

We work directly with your home insurance company for all storm damage repair. Let us provide you with a free estimate for this work today.  Our roofers will examine your roof to determine if there is damage. We’ll take photos and share them with your insurer to determine the type of work to be done. We then work with you on that insurance claim.

How Can You Get Storm Damage Repair Now?

Our team is always available. If there’s an emergency, call us first. G. Fedale will provide a free inspection for you to determine the extensiveness of any repair needs. If there is damage – and we recommend you call even if you are not sure there is – we will work with you to contact your home insurance company. We can help you with the insurance claim process.

We’ll then set up a time and date for the adjuster to come to your property if they need a firsthand inspection. We’ll detect all storm damage present and estimate the best type of repair options. Once the insurance company approves the claim for the scope of work to do, we can get started.

Once we receive the first payment for the work, we’ll purchase the materials and set up a time with you to get the job done. At completion, we’ll schedule necessary inspections and let the insurance company inspect it as needed. We’ll then process the final payment. It’s that easy!

Emergency Storm Repair Request

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