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G. Fedale has a full-time service department dedicated to solving issues homeowners are familiar with. Listed below are a few areas our service department specializes in:

  1. Roofs
    1. Finding the mystery leak other roofing contractors fail to discover
    2. Cleaning and algae stained roof
    3. Repairing custom slate, copper, fiberglass, standing seam issues that other contractors are not qualified to repair
  2. Siding
    1. Locating leaks that come through siding
    2. Repairing loose or blown off pieces
    3. Replacing rotted or cracked wood
  3. Gutters
    1. Cleaning
    2. Refastening
    3. Re-pitching
    4. Restoring
  4. Windows
    1. Glass repair
    2. Pulley repair
    3. Window seal repair
    4. Window pans
  5. Doors
    1. Uneven frame repair
    2. Weather strip replacement
    3. New locks
    4. Door pans
  6. Soffit & fascia
    1. Rot replacement
    2. Capping
    3. Painting

G. Fedale Roofing & Siding Storm Damage Repair

Storm Damage Repair


Call us now at 302.225.7663 to get a no-cost estimate for storm damage repair!
 - Hail Damage
 - Blown off shingles or siding
 - Fallen tree branch
 - Leak damage, including interior
 - All other Storm related damages

G. Fedale will work with your insurance company and make sure your home is repaired at no cost to you. Call today to schedule a free estimate.


  1. If you're unsure if damage exists, call G. Fedale to do a FREE inspection.
  2. If damage exists, contact your homeowners' insurance company and file a claim.
  3. Notify G. Fedale of the date & time the adjustor will be assessing the property so we can work together to detect storm damage.
  4. Once the insurance company has approved the claim, they will provide a "scope of work" that will outline the items needed to be completed in order to return the home to its condition prior to the storm. You will then select the materials to be used to complete the repairs.
  5. Upon receiving the first payment, G. Fedale will purchase the selected materials and schedule the work to be completed.
  6. Once the project is completed, G. Fedale will schedule any necessary inspections and you can inform the insurance company to process the final payment.

G. Fedale Roofing & Siding proudly provides roofing, siding, windows, gutters, attic insulation, and masonry to Wilmington Delaware, Newark Delaware, Middletown Delaware, and surrounding areas... View all locations that we serve.