04 Jan 2013

  What Causes Ice Dams? There is a complex interaction among the amount of heat loss from a house, snow cover, and outside temperatures that leads to ice dam formation. For ice dams to form there must be snow on the roof, and, at the same time, higher portions of the roof’s outside surface must […]

21 Aug 2012

There are many different types of chimney repairs and rebuilds also known as chimney reconstruction, brick chimney repairs, fireplace chimney repairs, partial chimney rebuild, masonry chimney repair, roof line up chimney rebuilds, or total chimney rebuilds according to the Rooftop Chimney And Roof services. Commonly needed chimney rebuild services are listed below. Most homeowners don’t know […]

20 Jul 2012

In Wilmington Delaware, tile roofing isn’t rare. Homeowners use tile due to the beautiful look and the low maintenance. Tile roofs are known to exceed life time expectancies. With copper accents, like wall flashing, hidden gutters and chimney caps; they really contrast well with Luduwici roofing tile. When considering a tile roof, be sure to […]

15 Jun 2012

When choosing windows, weigh the importance of different features against your personal taste. Which do you care more about? Beauty or comfort? Quality of light or peace of mind? Dynamic appeal or ease of maintenance? What space are you designing for? Call G. Fedale and work with a professional to determine the windows that best suit your […]

12 Jun 2012

G. Fedale has won the Consumer Protection Excellence Award for the year 2011. G. Fedale achieved this goal by installing at least one hundred (100) system roofs with enhanced warranties for their customers. This commitment to Consumer Protection demonstrates that G. Fedale is truly installing quality roofs for their customers. G. Fedale is among the […]

07 Jun 2012

Asking the right questions is very important when selecting the right roofing contractor … Sometimes roofing projects can sneak up by surprise. In those cases, when time is of the essence, the time spent on researching roofing contractors and their bids can be pretty exhausting. The biggest hurdle when choosing the roofer for, say, a […]

23 May 2012

G. Fedale has moved their office and shop location. Come check out our new space in Newport, Delaware! Why did we move? The past few years we have gone through an exciting growth period in our company and simply grew out of our previous location. Among our new additions are a full time repair service […]