04 Oct 2022
G. Fedale Wins 2022 First State Favorites South

We’re excited to announce that G. Fedale Roofing & Siding has won 2022 First State Favorite – South in the Home Repair/Remodeling Company and Roofing Company categories. Delaware Online annually surveys readers for First State Favorites. Locals get to choose their favorite businesses in various industries for the North, Central and South territories of Delaware. […]

27 Sep 2022

If you’re familiar with roofing, you know that roofs take some serious ‘punishment’ from weather elements from time to time. Ice storms, tornadoes, strong winds, rain, sleet, and hail are just some of the dangers your roof has to face regularly. With time, these elements cause roofs to lose quality, necessitating repairs. But when should […]

29 Aug 2022
G. Fedale Top Workplaces 2022

G. Fedale has been recognized as a Top Workplace for 2022. The Top Workplace USA Awards are designed to recognize organizations around the country that have cultivated exceptional workplace cultures.  The survey measures components that are critical to the success of any organization including alignment, execution, connection, and more. Employee surveys are conducted by Energage […]

18 Aug 2022
G Fedale Storm Damage to Home

That sudden thunderstorm may be a welcome relief from summer’s heat and humidity, but for the unprepared home, heavy rains can spell disaster. Loose roof shingles are easy targets for strong wind, likewise, siding that has blown off due to wind or clogged gutters facilitates water infiltration into the home. “Storms have increased over the […]

25 Jul 2022

There are several signs that indicate it’s time to replace your windows. For instance, if you’re tired of faulty window operation, visibly damaged windows, and heat loss due to the recurring presence of cold drafts, then now is a good time as any to replace your windows. The good news is getting new windows could […]

15 Jul 2022
New front entry door with windows.

First impressions count, whether it’s because you’re selling your home, or simply welcoming first-time visitors. But did you know that curb appeal should include your front door? Aesthetics are the number one reason homeowners upgrade their entryway, but it’s not the only consideration. Problems with Older Doors An aging exterior door is more prone to […]

11 Jul 2022

The earliest recorded use of the English word window was in the early 13th century. The Old English version of the word “window” translates to eye-hole or eye-door and owes its origins to Old Norse vindauga, a combination of wind and eye, translating to wind eye. Windows are an essential part of the home’s architecture […]

06 Jul 2022

Naturally beautiful, little else lends character to a home than wood. While a cedar roof is a pricier choice over more standard roofing materials, it offers greater durability and energy efficiency. Owners of higher-end homes or historic homes are more apt to choose cedar over the more common asphalt shingle. Provided the roof is installed […]

30 Jun 2022

Have a roof that’s not past its prime, but wondering why it looks so dirty? The problem could be blue-green algae. Algae growth on roofs is a problem across the country and in Canada as well. Wooded properties abundant in trees create perhaps the greatest issue, but algae growth can occur on any shaded area […]