27 May 2021

      Giving back to the community is a fundamental part of our company’s philosophy, and perhaps our most tangible and fulfilling effort is our Roofs from the Heart program. We’ve already replaced one roof this year, but we’re looking to do more by the end of the year. In March, we surprised Elnora Brown, an elderly homeowner in Newark. The home where she’d lived since childhood had leaks in the roof in several spots. 

“When we saw her application, and I went and viewed her home and I interviewed her on the phone, she became a pretty clear winner. She had such a sweet demeanor, she didn’t really have any complaints,” said James Vyvyan, G. Fedale’s Digital Marketer. 

     The decision process is never an easy one, James said. “We narrow it down to three finalists. We have a call and interview them, hear their story to (better) understand their life. And we ask, ‘Are we a good fit to contribute in this way?’” he said. While urgency is a given, feasibility is also a factor. The contest is restricted to homeowners living within a 50-mile radius of any of our offices. 

     While applications are continually accepted, the goal is to complete our current Roofs from the Heart project in June. Clearly, this year more than ever has resulted in increased need. Applications are available on the Roofs from the Heart page on the G. Fedale website – www.gfedaleroof.com/about-us/roofs-from-the-heart,  and can be submitted either through nomination of a deserving individual or directly by a homeowner in need. 

     Since the foundation’s launch in 2014, we have given away over a dozen roofs. The concept came following CEO Adam Fedale’s keen observation back in days when he was a salesman, said James. “He saw these homes were in really poor condition, and the homeowners had no way of getting a new roof. Whether it was because they were sick, or experiencing financial stresses, the problems were so outside of their ability to fix them,” James said, adding that as G. Fedale has grown and became more successful, meeting this need became feasible. 

     “We care about our customers, and we’re looking to support the community we love so much in the best way we know how,” he said.